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December 2020 Newsletter

To our amazing members, subscribers and presenters: We wish you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday, and a healthy, happy and hope-filled new year! While 2020 has been challenging, we are pleased to share this good news from our year in review.

2020 Bilby Awards WOWfm submitted five entries into the 2020 South Australian Community Broadcasters Association (SACBA) Bilby Awards – and we were honoured in all of them! • Small Station of the Year – WOWfm • Best Station ID, Station Promo or Program Promo – Homebrewed (Anthony Sims and Steve Parker) • Runner-up, Best Local Music Program – Out of Tune (Craig Phillipsmith) • Runner-up, Best Community Engagement – Rhymes for Radio (Craig Phillipsmith) • Runner-up, Best Interview – Interview with Reclink Community Cup (Shannon Mowling)

First Annual Subscriber Drive We held our first Subscriber Drive in October – a week of promoting the station and asking for new members and subscribers to join the station. This successfully brought in nearly 100 new official supporters – and we thank you!

Rhymes for Radio Created by Craig Phillipsmith (presenter of Out of Tune on Thursday nights), Rhymes for Radio has become an event series that promotes local musicians as well as WOWfm. There have been four this year, including one: “Rhymes for Change” which raised donations for MOSH Australia – an organisation that focuses on reducing the devasting effects of suicide in our community.

New Presenters We’ve also held two training sessions this year for members who are interested in becoming presenters of their own programs on air. There have been 12 people this year, and we are always interested in training more. If you are interested in taking the training, feel free to send us an expression of interest. We’ll let you know when the next training session is scheduled.

Thank you Once again, thank you for your support throughout the year. We’re so pleased to be able to put on quality entertainment and information for you through 100.5 WOWfm. We appreciate that you tune in, stream online, patronise our sponsors and participate in our events.

Sincerely, WOWfm Board of Directors

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