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Become a Presenter

Looking to become a presenter?

Do you have a musical perspective you’d like to share? Would you like to share your voice with the community? How about becoming a WOWfm presenter?


If you check out our program guide, you’ll see just how diverse our presenters are. Give it some thought – this just might be the creative outlet you’re looking for!

Presenter Expression of Interest Form


Download Here

How to be a presenter:

  1. Apply to become a WOWfm member.

  2. Once you’re a member*, take the presenter training. 
    Training cost: $80 for a full member; $40 for a concession member.

  3. Submit your program proposal to the Board for review and approval.
    Program proposals are also covered in presenter training.

  4. If your proposal is approved, we will place you in a time slot as one becomes available.

NOTE: Presenters must be 18 years of age or older.
*Approval of your membership application places no obligation on the Board of Management to provide the member with air time.


Presenter Training


What is presenter training? 

WOWfm trains prospective presenters on Community Broadcasting Association of Australia codes of practice, WOWfm station guidelines and operating procedures, WOWfm licensing requirements and the skills to develop and present a radio program.


Do I need to have any background in radio or broadcasting?

No. The presenter training will provide all of the skills and knowledge you need to present a fantastic program.


When does presenter training take place?

Training takes place two to three times per year based on interest of potential presenters. Visit this page for updates regarding the scheduled dates.


How long does training take?

Training is for six hours. It takes place on two consecutive Sundays, three hours per day. Following the classroom training, our trainers will schedule time with you to practice working the board and presenting a program at the studio. The length of time for this hands-on training varies by trainee; we will work with you until you are comfortable presenting on your own.

How much does training cost?

Training is $80 for standard members and $40 for concession members.


How do I register my interest in taking the training?

Please email to let us know you are interested in taking the training. We will stay in touch with you regarding all of the dates and details.

Any other questions?
Feel free to email!

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